County Officers


Fr. Nick Vaskov


John Tarpey

Vice President

Denny Maher

Recording Secretary

Rich O'Malley

Financial Secretary

Dan Doyle


Bob Kelly


Dan Devinney


Ollie Jedlick

County Organizer

Denny Donnelly

Past President

Stephen Kurpiewski



Welcome to the Allegheny County Board of the AOH.  In America, the Division is the basic unit of the Order. Divisions are combined into County Boards, which are in turn governed by State Boards, and an overall National Board elected every two years. Annual dances, concerts, and parades sponsored at all levels of the Order raise millions for charity while providing a showcase for the positive contributions the Irish have made in every walk of American life.

Our Mission/ Motto


Friendship, Unity & True Christian Charity


Our Mission, simply put, is to basically live one of the three parts of our motto and help those who are less fortunate than we are whether it is feeding and clothing those who need it or just helping those in need no matter what the circumstance or the background.



Monthly Volunteering at the VA 


for Veterans BINGO Night.

Fundraising for Catholic Charities

Any additional charities will be announced on our notice board and on our website.

Committees &


Nat'l Vets Affairs

Jim Green

State Director

John Tarpey

Charities/ Missions


Right to Life

Denny Donnelly

Catholic Action/ Retreat

Larry Squires

Political/ United Ireland

Bill O'Neill

Immigration/ Anti-Defamation

Bob Kelly

Veterans Affairs

Sean O'Neill/ Rich O'Malley

County Athletic

Kevin Conboy

Degree Team

Denny Maher


Web & Social Media

Jim Green/ Denny Maher


Denny Maher