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Charities & Missions

Charities & Missions
Paul Towhey Div. #32

The Motto of the AOH is "Friendship, Unity & True Christian Charity", basically to live one of the three parts of our motto and help those who are less fortunate than we are and just helping those in need no matter what the circumstance or the background.  This comes to life in our Missions & Charities that we donate our time and money to throughout the year.  The county Board as well as the county collectively donate thousands of dollars that we raise to local, national & international Catholic & Irish charities as well and volunteering hundreds of hours with many of these same charities both locally and nationally.  A brief list follows.

~Volunteering at our home Parishes as Ushers, Decons, Music Directors, Fish Fry's, etc.

~Volunteering at Pittsburgh VA facilities and hosting Saturday BINGO nights.

~Volunteering at local Food Banks and Shelters.

~Volunteering to help at the Medal of Honor Grove at Valley Forge.

~Volunteering to help with wreaths at the National Cemetery of the Alleghenies.

~Hosting Golf Outings to raise money for local Catholic Primary Schools.

~Hosting Lenten Fish Fry's to raise money for Catholic Charities.

~Volunteering to keep the midnight watch at the Vietnam Veterans Candlelight Vigil.

ATTENTION Divisions!!!!

Divisions, please ensure that your division "Missions & Charities" Chair submits their annual report to Paul as soon as possible!

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