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The Tri Abhainn Major Degree Team held an Exemplification of the Major Degrees of the Order at Noon on Saturday July 22, 2023, at the 2023 AOH/LAOH Pennsylvania State Convention.  The ceremony was held at the Johnstown Conference Center.  Ten AOH Brothers from throughout Pennsylvania received their Exemplification.


The Allegheny County Board congratulates all our Brothers who took this step in their path to a greater understand of our motto, Unity, Friendship, and Christian Charity. We encourage all AOH Brothers to take this step and receive their Major Degrees when the next opportunity presents itself.


Honored guests in attendance included National Present Daniel O'Connell, National Vice President Sean Pender, and Pennsylvania State President Ed Dougherty. 

Please watch this space for updates on the Tri Abhainn Major Degree Team's next Exemplification of the Major Degrees of the Order. 


AOH Brothers About to Receive Their Degrees. A great class of Hibernians.

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