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Catholic Action/ Retreat

Hibernian Men's Retreat
at St. Paul of the Cross Retreat Center

Catholic Action


Larry Squires, Div 17

The 2023 AOH Men's Retreat is back on the schedule .  This will take place  on February 17, 18, and 19, 2023.  They have resumed the retreats with limited Covid-19 protocols in place.  For more information go to:  


A.O.H. Allegheny County Board

Catholic Action Update for October, 21st, 2021


Hibernian, Hunger Project:  The Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank has not resumed the Produce to the People Program as of yet.  Initially, they said the program might resume in June, but that didn’t happen.  I’ll keep an eye on it and keep you posted.


Blood Drive:  Discuss scheduling another Red Cross Blood Drive.  The idea was well received and I agreed to schedule another Red Cross Blood Drive and double check the donor code for the AOH, which I believe is Hibernian.  Also check to see if the code is available to use for Vitalant donations.  Since the meeting, I have tentatively scheduled the Red Cross blood drive for Monday, December, 13th, 2021.


AOH Men's Retreat: I did receive confirmation of the Men’s Retreat dates for February, 18, 19, and 20, 2022.  They have resumed retreats, with limited Covid 19 protocol in place.  I’ll stay in touch and provide more information closer to the date.


Parade Mass:  On Saturday, September 18th, 2021, I attended 8:00 AM Mass at Old St. Patrick’s in the Strip.  Fr. Ruffalo was the principal celebrant and we had a beautiful liturgy that was very well attended.  There will be a Shepherd’s Mass at 6:00 AM Christmas morning at St. Patrick’s as well.  Please consider attending this beautiful liturgy to celebrate the birth of our savior, which has become a local Hibernian tradition!


Irish Priests:  During the National Board Meeting and National President’s dinner last weekend, we attended Holy Mass at St. Columba’s Cathedral on the campus of Youngstown State University.  They have a Eucharisitc Chapel in the right transept with plaques for all the past bishops of the Diocese of Youngstown Ohio.  They are: First bishop: James A. McFadden, Second Bishop: Emmet M. Walsh, Third bishop: James w. Malone, Fourth bishop: Thomas J. Tobin, and Fifth Bishop: George V. Murry.  The current bishop is David Bonnar, formerly of the Diocese of Pittsburgh.  There is no doubt that the Irish have had an unmistakable impact on the faith practiced in the United States.


I had the pleasure of riding National AOH Chaplain Fr. Michael Healy from the Greater Pittsburgh Airport to the Hotel in Youngstown, OH for the National Meeting and President’s Dinner.  Father Healy was a wonderfully brilliant man and we shared a very enjoyable conversation enroute to the hotel.  During the meeting and Masses I had the pleasure of getting to know our other National Chaplain, Fr. John keener, who likewise is rich in wisdom and faith.  Please keep these two wonderful chaplains, and all of our devoted priests and bishops, in your prayers.


For the National AOH Convention in Pittsburgh this coming summer, we have confirmed that Bishop David A. Zubik will be the principal celebrant; hopefully, he will be joined by our National, State, and local Chaplains!


Catholic Action:  Please keep our Division 23 brother, Kevin Kohler, in your prayers.  Kevin passed away in September and was an avid Pro Life supporter who made the trip to Washington, DC for the March for Life every year, and I was honored to sit with Kevin several times along the way.  Kevin was a man of remarkable faith and charity and will be sorely missed.  Kevin was known for giving people gifts.  Every St. Patrick’s Day Parade and March for Life, Kevin had something for me.  He gave me my copy of St. John Paul II’s Gospel of Life and a beautiful coffee cup with a picture of the Blessed Mother on one side and the Fatima Prayer on the other, along with many pictures from the March for Life and St. Patrick’s Day Parades. May God welcome Kevin to his eternal reward and comfort those who feel the loss of our brother.

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