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Veterans Affairs Committee

County AOH Veteran Highlight

AOH National Veterans Affairs Chairman & Allegheny County Board Communications Chairman and Past President, Jim Green enlisted in the U.S. Navy on August 8, 1973 for a 4-year tour of duty. After initial training in Great Lakes, Illinois, he attended "Anti-Submarine Warfare" technical training near Memphis, Tennessee.


After graduating, he attended aircrew survival training near San Diego before transferring to his permanent duty station at Moffet Field Naval Air Station in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. Petty Officer Green served until the end of his enlistment in 1977 as a "Primary Acoustic Sensor Operator" on a P3-C Orion flight crew, flying on Soviet submarine tracking missions all around the Pacific Rim, from the Aleution islands of Alaska to Hawaii, Guam, Taiwan, Japan, and all points in between. Jim received numerous commendations from the Pacific Fleet Command and once was named "Man of the Month" by his Patrol Squadron VP-47.


His interest in the computerized tracking system he used during flights led him to use the GI Bill after his enlistment to attend technical school for computer programming, which he used to create a very successful career. His plans are to retire from his position as a Senior Finance Developer and Analyst from PNC Bank in June 2017. 

Thank you for your service Brother Seamus!



Shawn Seagriff

Contact your division to notify them of your service so that they can order the appropriate number of pins.  You can also click on the button above to send an email to Co-Chair Sean O'Neill.  Thank you for your service!!!  

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