Dateline Irish on Echoes of Erin

with Diane Byrnes

Hello Friends,


Here we are at the start of another new week and life is fierce right now!  Much exciting entertainment is coming to Pittsburgh over the next month and hopefully, you are able to attend the various events.  And then the Christmas holidays are upon us, time stands still for no one…


Sunday, The Ireland Report comes to us from Dublin with Davy Kettyles.  This segment is sponsored by AOH Sean MacBride Division 32 with Tim Regan as president.  Tim and his AOH brothers conducted a fundraiser for Echoes of Erin and it was quite generous, thank you so much gentlemen.  Along with the sponsorships due throughout the rest of the year, I will be good through year end.  I am so very grateful for your generosity. 


In continuing to broadcast Echoes of Erin each week, it is a financial commitment along with time to organize, prepare and present.  I am happy to donate my time for the production of the program, but it is very difficult to donate dollars, so I am so very grateful to all of you who have seen fit to donate to the program to keep me on the air.  And as I have said for 33 years, if everyone does a little, then no one needs to do a lot.  Thank you all so much!


The Top of The Hour Moment is sponsored by Martin Noone – William R. Murphy AOH Division 21 in Garfield with Jack Crawford as president.  The topic for Sunday will be on Paddy Moloney, leader and founder of The Chieftains.  Paddy Moloney passed away on Monday, October 11 at age 83.  He really was a monument among men!  Of course it is so sad when family and friends pass on, our hearts are broken when a loved one leaves us.  Somehow that same sentiment can be said for the likes of Paddy Moloney who did so much to promote the traditional music of Ireland.  I will feature some of The Chieftains music today.


Dateline Irish is sponsored by Nancy McKenna, a Realtor with Howard Hanna in Mt. Lebanon.  Now might be a really good time to sell your current home or invest in another home, Nancy just might be the person to help you out.  I understand she is really good at what she does, so if you have any questions you might consider giving her a call at 412-551-6118.  If Nancy cannot help you today, well, she might be able to help you tomorrow, write her number down 412-551-6118.


Right now it is raining but it should stop by afternoon and it brings fall like temperatures, I am good with the cooler temperatures.  I have beautiful plants outside so now I need to figure out when to bring them in and where to put them.  Aha the dilemma of a small space!


Ladies and Gentlemen this will be it for today.  I do hope you can tune in tomorrow at 12:30pm on WEDO 810AM on the dial, or you might pick it up on FM 93.3 and again a rebroadcast Sunday evening at 10:30pm.  Then online each Wednesday afternoon at 1:30pm on, click on Listen Live, you can hear another rebroadcast.