Dateline Irish on Echoes of Erin

with Diane Byrnes

Good Evening Friends,


We are moving into my favorite time of year.  I love the fall with all of the brilliant colors and cooler temperatures.  I much prefer to layer up instead of layer down, how about you?


Attached is Dateline Irish for Sunday, September 25th, the final Sunday in September.  Although I much prefer the fall I do not like the fact that it is almost the end of another year.


Perhaps you are aware two more folks within our Irish community have passed on, both on September 19th.  The first was long-time friend Jean Kaniecki.  Jean was a member of the Irish American Unity Conference (IAUC) and a member of the Pittsburgh Ceili Club (PCC).  Up until a few months ago she was the Editor of The Ceilier, the PCC's quarterly newsletter.  Jean and her husband Bob were on my fundraising committee until Covid took a bite out of us, that committee has been dormant for a few years now.  Jean was also involved with The Conway Mill Trust.


Jean was an Actitvist, very acutely aware of the injustices taking place in Ireland, and over the years Jean and Bob traveled to Ireland frequently and did what they could do.


Truly, Jean was such a wonderful human being, I know she will be missed by many of us.  Jean was laid to rest Friday, September 23.  I am sorry to say that I was unable to attend her funeral service and Mass of Christian burial.  I hope you forgive me Jean.  May you be resting in peace!


The second person to pass was John (Jack) Keegan.  He is the father of Kerry Keegan Mulhern.  Years ago Kerry and I began as Promoters of Irish music and also began the Irish radio program, Echoes of Erin, in February 1988.


Jack was a member of the Knights of Equity for 50 years and a player of the Scottish Highland Pipes.


Jack will have a Mass of Christian Burial on Saturday, September 24th at Holy Sepulcher Catholic Church at 10:00 AM.  Rest in peace Jack!


Both of these Passings will leave a void in many persons lives.  Of course death is a part of life, but it is still sad when someone we have loved for a long time does leave us, there really is no one else to fill that void.


On this note friends I bid you adieu, enjoy the read and perhaps one of these days I will meet up with you, somewhere.


All the best,