Dateline Irish on Echoes of Erin

with Diane Byrnes

Hello Ladies, Gentlemen, and other Friends,


I hope this email finds you well and warm, it is a bit nippy outside.  Thank goodness we are not scheduled for the snow like Buffalo NY is for the weekend, especially Sunday and the football game.  Already I have had my fill of snow and it is not even winter, B-r-r-r-r!


The Ireland Report should come to us from Dublin with Davy Kettyles, I am still waiting for his confirmation.  Davy is still recuperating from open heart surgery a couple of months back.  This segment is sponsored by the Irish American Unity Conference with Sarah McAuliffe Bellin as president.


I am working on the topic for The Top of the Hour Moment sponsored by Colleen Rumble, a pretty steady listener & supporter and a member of several Irish organizations.


Next Sunday, November 27th, Derek Warfield and The Young Wolfe Tones will be performing in concert at the Priory on the North Shore, 6pm.  You can reserve your tickets through Rob Tierney @ 412.478.2799.  Tickets will also be available at the door.  Derek has been coming to Pittsburgh since the late 1960's with the Wolfe Tones.  At first they performed at Carnegie Music Hall in Oakland, then Tom O'Donoghue of the Blarney Stone had them perform at the Blarney Stone for many, many years.  Then the Wolfe Tones split up.  Derek organized 'the Young Wolfe Tones' and they have been a hit ever since.  All of the people in the band are so talented however one person especially, Damaris Woods on banjo.  Back home when she is not on the road, Damaris teaches banjo and has had several champions.  They are just really good and Derek will give you some excellent history lessons throughout the evening.


Already some folks have committed to sponsorship for 2023 including Dorothy Flaherty Weldon with The Top of the Hour Moment for March.  And the Knights of Equity for The Ireland Report for May 2023.  If anyone else is interested in committing to their sponsorship for 2023, I would be so happy to accept it.  I am not looking for money at this point, just your commitment.


This coming Thursday, November 24th is Thanksgiving Day, for me I have so very much in which to be thankful.  My family, my health, so many friends and acquaintances, and this radio program that through all of the years YOU have been so generous in keeping me on the air.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


While at WEDO studio last Sunday I learned that the FCC does NOT permit me to announce any of your raffles that are asking the audience for money.  I have only been doing this for about 25 years or so, then last week the management decided I was not permitted to announce that, nor any other program.  So, if you do not hear your information on Sunday, that is why.  I am sorry about this, unfortunately I haven't any control here.


OK friends, I think this will be it for now.  Try to tune in on Sunday on WEDO 810AM and FM 93.3 at 12:30pm.  Then Wednesday afternoon, online you can hear a rebroadcast on at 1:30pm.  Once you are on this site, click on 'Listen Live' and it will bring you right up to the program.


Take care and Happy Thanksgiving,