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Dateline Irish on Echoes of Erin

with Diane Byrnes

Hello Friends,


We will have enjoyed another St. Patrick's Day Parade, and although there were some obstacles (rain & a bit of snow), it was a good day.  It amazes me that our spring-like weather in February could not have held on for another week.  But maybe with cooler temperatures etc. it might have saved us from some crazy behavior and people getting in trouble.  I guess it just is what it is!


Attached is Dateline Irish for Sunday, March 12th.  The Ireland Report comes to us from Galway with Brian Nolan, and do remember, it you are traveling to Ireland this year, contact Brian directly and schedule a Walking Tour with him.  He does a fine job!  You can reach Brian at he would love to hear from you.  This segment is sponsored by Jack Goodrich, Goodrich & Associates.  


The Top of the Hour Moment is on 'The National Month of Women' during March, some interesting stories here.  This segment is sponsored by Dorothy Flaherty Weldon, Past National President LAOH, Inc.  And our last sponsor for tomorrow is LAOH Division 11 in Oakland as these Ladies sponsor Dateline Irish throughout March.


You must know how ecstatic I am that as of now I have many sponsors for the program which takes so much pressure off my soldiers.  Thank you so much.


Hopefully you remember to set your clocks one hour ahead as we move into Daylight Savings Time on Sunday.


I am send this out a bit early today so you have time to read and perhaps your social plans.  Well I wish you a fun time this weekend - tonight at the Donnybrook and Saturday at the Parade.  Rain, sunshine, or snow the Parade will go on!


All the best,


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