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Denny Maher,  Div 32

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Bob Kelly, Div 32

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Congratulations to the Brothers of AOH Division #23 in Lawrenceville on the reopening of their club house.  The club was under repair for damage caused by water but it is now up and running.  Division #23 will be hosting the October 21, 2021 County Board Meeting.  This would be a good time to visit the club.  We would like to thank the brothers of Division #23 for their outstanding work at their club and in their finding and saving a piece of Allegheny County AOH history! Division President, Tim Donaldson, came across the original charter of the Allegheny County AOH Board at an Estate Sale and was able to save it.   


If you're in the area, stop by Division 23 and visit the brothers and see the beautiful work they've done with the statue relocation project and brick fundraiser area.  

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